Celeb Coaches

Dr. ZoeLena Shuster

“The Confidential Coach” to Celebs


Dr. ZoeLena ShusterDr. ZoeLena Shuster, also known as Dr. Zoë, “The Confidential Coach”, is the President and Founder of Katapult Enterprises, a company offering Ultra-Exclusive Services for the High Profile Lifestyle. This lovechild of hippies and granddaughter of multi-millionaires has become a dynamic leader in today’s business and entertainment worlds. She is a philanthropist, a successful entrepreneur, and an edgy powerhouse that breathes motivation into the lives of her prestigious clients. As a consultant, ZoeLena has facilitated positive change to countless careers, companies and corporations. She is a multi-talented trendsetter, a mogul, and a creative idea machine who since 1998 has been helping business, sports, entertainment, and religious leaders around the world improve their image, presence, and lifestyle.

ZoeLena has overcome many adversities in her own life. Her range of experiences continues to make her extremely relatable to a vast audience and contributes to her undeniable allure. “Dr. Zoe” has “Katapulted” the most high-end projects, products and people and continues to make waves by educating new confidential coaches.

She has been a guest on many TV/Radio shows, even hosting her own, her past show Zoe and Friends and her current radio show “Dr. Zoe Today”, providing real, raw and relevant info on love, sex and relationships. Among her many projects, ZoeLena’s personal mission is to grow herself and to one day see universal individualism, where each person is free to be their authentic self.

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Randy White

“Organization Building Consultant”


Randy White

Mega-Church Pastor who’s been called “The Donald Trump of the Christian Arena”, Randy White is a business expert, thoughtful leader and philanthropist who has contributed multi-millions to charities. Randy now joins Katapult Enterprises to be available for coaching and seminars in the areas of Organizational Growth, Finances and Turning Setbacks into Setups, especially with Pastors, Church Leaders and Multi-Millionaires.
Bishop Randy White and Pastor Paula White founded Without Walls International Church, originally under the name South Tampa Christian Center, in 1991. What began as a sidewalk Sunday school and a desire to feed the poor, eventually grew to a 22,000 person mega-church congregation. Randy White’s legacy continues at Without Walls International Church and is an activist via the organization he founded in memory of his daughter, Kristen Renee Foundation, and their project, Fighting for Frederick.

Donnell Rawlings

“Quality of Life Coach”


Donnell Rawlings

Donnell Rawlings is an overnight success a decade in the making. You’ve seen him on Comedy Central’s award winning and critically celebrated Chappelle’s Show, his regular appearances on Chelsea Lately, MTV’s Hatin, Guy Code & Guy Court, just to name a few.
Donnell’s rise to stardom may not have been “overnight”, but the journey has given him the life experience to keep his humor edgy and relevant. Donnell’s peers have noticed his talent and potential. Neal Brennan, co-executive producer and co-head writer of Chappelle’s Show: “Whenever we put Donnell in the game he’s going to hit a home run.” Jamie Foxx says “That guy is a beast!” Wayne Brady commented that Donnell provides “amazing work on the show” and Dave Chappelle feels that “Donnell brings so much to the table…this very funny guy makes it look natural and easy.” What you may not know is that this funny guy also has a serious side and a heart to help others, so it is only natural that Donnell has joined Katapult’s team of Celeb Coaches as our “Quality of Life Coach”.

Justin Jedlica

“Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Consultant”


Justin Jedlica

Although a new addition to the Katapult family, Justin adds his expertise as a life coach specialized in the Field of Aesthetics. You may know him from the multitude of media exposure which dubbed him as “The Human Ken Doll”. Justin earned this title from his 16+ years of personal experience with plastic surgery and while his cosmetic alterations might only be skin deep, his insight with using body modification as a tool in building confidence and self esteem has proven instrumental in helping many individuals.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeries have the ability to repair our self-image and/or allow us to gain a courage and tenacity that can open up a whole new world of promise. Being a consultant in the field of Plastic Surgery, Justin knows that your body is your temple and he’s here to act as the architect—your design specialist. He retains an arsenal of the most skilled, accredited, cosmetic medical specialists who act with the utmost discretion. Justin is regarded throughout the media as being a pioneer on the “cutting edge” of innovation in Plastics genre. At Katapult, Justin offers his services to be your personal advocate, aiding in the process of transformation. Justin’s specialized knowledge will help guide you to the most direct and comprehensive route to achieving your desired aesthetic result; the benefits of which, can be exponentially larger than those found in any mirror.

Chasity Melvin

“Sports, Transition & Confidence Coach”


Chasity Melvin

Chasity Melvin is a former professional basketball player that played across the US and internationally. As a Hall of Famer with over 14 years of experience she has learned how very important confidence, balance and positive order is to being successful and staying successful in your career, post career and life in general.

She draws upon her own personal journey from a small town preacher’s daughter of very humble beginnings to a world known WNBA All Star. The insight she has gained along the way translates easily into the lessons she uses to help other athletes and those in transition, obtaining spiritual balance and building confidence.

Chasity possesses a talent to encourage and motivate others in a positive and entertaining way. Each person that has been in her presence has experienced her enthusiasm for life, her enjoyment of the now, and her belief in not only her future but the future of others. Her life long mission is to help others achieve their dreams. Chasity knows success and loves to see others obtain the same satisfaction of accomplishing their goals.

Hattie RetroAge

“Master Anti-Aging Coach”


Hattie RetroAge

Hattie’s career as an Anti-Aging Coach began after she won the Roseland Over 50 Bathing Suit Beauty Contest at age 52. When Regis Philbin crowned her as “An inspiration to all of America” she vowed to spend her life helping people all over the world to be young for their entire lives. Her ground-breaking books, “RetroAge: 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Younger” along with numerous media appearances have established Hattie as a sought-after Master Anti-Aging Coach. For over 25 years, she has been a leading force in helping millions of people claim the physical, mental and spiritual vitality, youth and sexuality they desire… and deserve.

Hattie’s TV appearances include: CBS News; NY1; Nightline; Dr. Drew; Inside Edition; Joy Behar; Jeff Probst; TLC, Discovery Channel; Modeled for a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign in VOGUE, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, W and chosen by Gotham Magazine as one of six New York Natural Beauties… “The oldest, of course!” Hattie teases, smiling.

Tiffany Brown



Tiffany Brown

Everyone’s dating standards and life situations are unique, and Tiffany Brown keeps that in mind when she’s providing a personalized Matchmaking plan. She believes that personalized service is essential when matching clients to a compatible partner.

As a compassionate and caring matchmaker, Tiffany is dedicated to learning about her client’s personal goals and requirements which she utilizes to begin your search for Love with a focus on your individuality.

Tiffany understands her clients are unique in different stages of life: you may have used a dating service before and prefer a hands off approach or new to the dating scene and need some extra guidance in the love department. She believes a plan of action must reflect your personal situation, so she works to highlight your individual plan to best fit your goals.


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