Beck Weaver

Beck Weaver

Beck Weaver comes to Katapult Enterprises as a Master Certification Coach. Always having stood out as different, she possesses a presence that attracts positivity and openness, providing a safe space for friends, family, and strangers to open up and share. Overcoming many adversities in her own life, Beck views obstacles as something put in a person’s path in order to challenge them, make them stronger, and get them to where they are supposed to be. Every day she chooses to see the positive in the people and world around her.
With over 15 years experience in the natural health industry, Beck uses and teaches a holistic approach to overall health and wellness. Finding joy in the small things in life, she believes that nature teaches us about change and beauty. Beck has always had a desire to make a difference in this world and believes that all small deeds can lead to a big impact. Beck combines her compassion, her experience with holistic approaches and reiki, and her inviting presence to help others and to be a positive influence. Beck looks forward to facilitating your journey through our certification process.

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