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Try as we may to be independent, in life and in love there are moments when we all need a bit of consultation. Katapult Enterprises provides confidential consultation to help you through every facet of your life. Whether you are dealing with trying times in the media, working on bandaging a shattered image, or simply wanting to showcase a new side to yourself, Katapult has the tools to make your dreams a reality. We provide premiere services for personal development, inspirational seminars, books, and much more. You can also take advantage of one on one coaching specific. With our help you can discover your purpose and finally feel restored.

You can also take advantage of one on one confidential coaching in any specific area of your life.

Business and Entertainment

The arenas of entertainment and business are constantly changing. But with over a decade of experience and an eye on tomorrow’s trends, Katapult Enterprises stays on the cutting-edge of media and technology. Katapult Enterprises has worked with many multi-platinum artists, filmmakers, producers, publicists, business icons and entrepreneurs. Equipped with a team of experts Katapult is confident they can launch any client to their highest level of success. Whether you are an a-list celeb or launching a start up, we will work beside you to set goals, a time line, and keep your spirit alive. We offer everything you need for pristine representation including branding, marketing, pr, and web design.

Core Services

Confidential Coaching

Our 1 on 1 consultations can help you weave through every avenue in your life. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep a secret, so you can feel safe confiding in us.

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Website Development

There’s nothing worse for one’s image than an old outdated website. Our team of web designers will customize a fresh website for you that reflects your brand’s image to a tee.

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Social Media Marketing

In order to stay relevant these days, you need to keep up with social media. We can help you establish a presence, a strong following, and get your brand noticed.

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Life Coach Certification

Are you a people person with a positive personality? Check out how you can make a difference in the lives of others with our life coach certification program.

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VIP Branding

Elevate your career with our VIP branding services. Our aim is to help you understand your own unique personality and how to use it to create your own successful brand.

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Search Engine Optimization

Stay ahead of the competition by improving your search engine ranking and gaining site traffic. We have the tools you need to make your business or brand a success.

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Media & PR

Get noticed- the RIGHT way. For the established business moguls and entertainers, our media and PR experts will cater to your needs and deliver you the results you want.

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Image Consulting

Elevate your career with our professional image consulting. We know just how to guide you on how to present your best self and reach your furthest potential.

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