I couldn't be a bigger supporter of Katapult. The coaching, the branding, everything there has been so impactful for me and my life that I encourage you, if you're thinking about it, take advantage of the coaching that you get at Katapult!

- Tyson Russell

Zoe's tactics are hardly mainstream when it comes to consulting, PR or management. Her mouth often has no filter but it's just what I needed to make it.

- Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & 8x Grammy Award Winner

One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give you is the gift of knowledge, whether that be through advice or reading a book or learning a lesson of any kind. The gift of knowledge that registers and sticks with you is something beyond powerful. And knowledge of self is what I gained through Dr. Zoe's Life Coach Certification Program.

- Electra Frederick

There’s a new trend on the rise. Influential business powerhouses, world class athletes and A-list stars who are utilizing their personal expertise by becoming life coaches and the movement seems to be spearheaded by Katapult Enterprises with their International Life Coach Certification Program and Celebrities For Hire.

Testimonial The Source Magazine
The Source Magazine

Thanks to Dr. Zoe & her excellent staff, I've been able to change my life, spend more time with my children & believe in my dreams!

- Joni Collins Ricketts

A couple of steps away from the finish line of my Life Coach Certification process I can definitely say I am not the same person that started. I noticed it in the way I react on certain situations, take specific actions on my priorities, focus on them, and manage different situations always moving forward. This is definitely a life changing experience.

- Emmanuel, El Salvador

I've been a mentor & a coach for over 15yrs in the corporate arena...but to be trained as a professional coach, taking my life experience on the road and fine tune them with a program that honed in and perfected my experience, giving me the tools to change anyone's life... that's what this program has done for me.

- Marie F. Ale

Yesterday I spent time with Dr. Zoe and had a few Ah-ha moments of Clarity for me. What an Amazing Journey this has been for me. This Life Coach Certification is the most positive and life altering experience I have ever had. The one on one Coaching is so far superior than any Personal Development Books I have ever read…trust me, I have read many. I cannot wait for tomorrow…because everyday is brighter…Thank you Dr. ZoeLena Shuster for your true insights and your passion to help others. You have brought clarity to my heart. Love ya Dr. Zoe. Stay tuned….Katapult Enterprises is My Future.

Testimonial Barb Bishop
Barb Bishop

Thank you for being my beautiful light to explore my true passion for life! In this day and time we live in, I see Life coaching as such a valuable need for clients of all walks of life. My sessions I have completed thus far, has far exceed my expectations! Such an enriched empowerment of self-evaluation and spiritual well being. I have begun to explore my own feelings while exploring my own life/work challenges and balances I have overcome. It has made me whom I am today. I am humbled to be such a part of a blossoming future! So thank you in so many ways!

- Tana, Jacksonville, FL

My most recent endeavor to get my life coaching certification with Katapult, under Dr. Zoe has been one of my best decisions post playing career.

- Chasity Melvin - WNBA Hall of Famer & All Star

With great pleasure do I recommend, promote and endorse ZoeLena Shuster and her company Katapult Enterprises.This young lady has more biz savvy than most people twice her age and her knowledge is par with the very best. I have worked with a number of relationship coaches thus far and as a relationship coach myself (coaching women on how to “get inside a guys head”), Zoe is someone who I would seek the advice of when I get a tough question. I am very proud to be affiliated with Zoe and her weekly radio show is also a blast.

Testimonial Jonathon Aslay
Jonathon Aslay

Dr. Zoe has given me everything from advice on my finances, how to handle my fame, how to handle the media to how to handle my girlfriend.

- NFL Super Bowl Champion

ZoeLena Shuster is absolutely the Coach of coaches... I am sitting here talking to you today, a better person because of the Certification process!

- Debye Swilley

Dr. Zoe is a creative genius! She has a unique ability to see the big picture and create an overall strategy that will work! She has great business instincts.

Testimonial Eric Lofholm
Eric Lofholm
Sales Trainer & Best selling author of ``The System``

As a leader, there are many things I entrust with my campaign manager but no where near what ZoeLena Shuster has become privy to.

- US Governor

Folks, If you are looking for a Life Coach – look no further .. Reach out to Katapult Enterprises and ask for Zoe… She will CHANGE your life…. Start today… Make it an incredible day!!!

Testimonial Sharif Iman
Sharif Iman

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