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Looking to become a coach, consultant or advisor? Katapult’s Premier Coach/Consultant Certification and Leadership Training program brings decades of wisdom and professionalism. Even people in the industry for over 20 years come through our program for a fresh perspective. We’ve designed our certifications to not just improve your credentials, but to cause clarity of purpose, mastery of business, superior decision making, and inspire you to change your life and the ones around you.

In 6 weeks, we will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your life, company or organization. Our formula has proven to be successful with anyone dealing with clients, customers, consumers or contributors. No matter what you do for a living, if you’re dealing with people… you’re in the right place. Top leaders around the world have chosen Katapult to ensure staying on the cutting edge.

Week Duration
Minutes Per Week
Life Coaches Certified
Years We've Been Katapulting
  • How to utilize your life experiences and expertise to become a more profitable Coach or Consultant
  • Proven formula to establish a successful Client-Coach, Client-Consultant relationship
  • How to create balance in your own life and in the lives of your clients
  • Defining your passion and key niche areas in the Consulting field
  • How to help people discover their own personal definition of success
  • How to facilitate assisting clients, customers, consumers or contributors in making decisive decisions
  • Concepts of Katapult’s Co-Active Consulting, where the agenda aligns directly with client, company or corporation
  • How to attract and secure higher quality clients and customers
  • How to strategically brand and market in order to scale
  • Securing your financial future with an accolade and skillset you can utilize and fall back on for the rest of your life

Create a lifestyle of freedom, making your own hours and working from any location!

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``If you don't know where you're headed, got lost during COVID lockdown, and or simply just feel you need some understanding, you are not alone! Some of us are meant to help those in need, give advice when necessary, and or just be the random person to talk to. We all need someone to talk to sometimes, it's what makes us human. Then you have some individuals that are just like hummingbirds in human form, truly extraordinary, doing things that are just impossible to comprehend. Dr. Zoelena Shuster is one of those people, and if it wasn't for her I would still be stuck looking backwards. Katapult Ent. is the real deal and I am proud to say I am a Certified Life Coach thanks to them and the true amazing work of Dr. Zoe! Don't let life pass you by and don't create regrets! Make mistakes, do what you love, and keep trying until you succeed. You write the play, create the book, compose the song, and whatever tells your story, make it real! Just be yourself, and do it!``

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About Us:

For many decades, Katapult has trained thousands of today’s world leaders to get their Life Coach Certification.

Each client goes through a life changing and life rewarding process. Get Katapult Life Coach Certification along with becoming a more effective leader in your field! Let us help you start making money doing what you love!

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Katapult is transforming influencers, world leaders, businesses, organizations, and self-made successful entrepreneurs.

Eric Lofholm

Eric Lofholm is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on sales, sales systems, and sales scripting. 

Chasity Melvin

Chasity Melvin is a former professional basketball player and Hall of Famer with over 14 years of experience.

Marie F. Ale

Marie F. Ale is the founder and CEO of Juzz Gorgeous, offering on stage public services and client centric coaching nationally and internationally.

Spiritual and Religious

Kenisha Mcintosh

Kenisha Mcintosh is a life and business coach based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Randy White

Dr. Randy White has a 22,000+ mega church, and has been called the Donald Trump of the Christian Arena.

Clint Maki

Clint Maki is a leadership coach, speaker, personal development fanatic and on a mission to help others.

Motivational and Self-Mastery

Deb Swill

Deb Swill is an Iconoclast, World-Wide Motivator and Love Guru.

Jon Scott

Jon Scott is a famous singer, inspirational speaker, and holds insightful events around the world.

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