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The Katapult Enterprises Team is behind one of the hottest companies in the world of branding, marketing, PR and personal development. For over a decade Katapult Enterprises has coached business, entertainment, sports, political and religious leaders worldwide and continues to create sound waves globally. Their ultimate goal is to offer premier services for the high-profile lifestyle, creating success via their branding concepts, confidential life coaching, as well as media image consulting necessary to professionally deal with the limelight.

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Dr. ZoeLena Shuster

President & Founder

Dr. Zoe is a multi-talented trend setter who has spent many successful years in the entertainment industry, self development spectrum and non-profit sectors. With an undeniable charisma and charm Dr. Zoe has “Katapulted” the most high end projects, products and people.

Kevin Kern

Chief Brand Ambassador

Kevin Kern possesses thirty years experience in Operations, Leadership, Sales and Marketing. He credits the majority of his education to the twenty years of active duty in the United States Navy. Today Kevin serves Katapult Enterprises with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm as he did for our country.

Ryon Anderson

Coach, Consultant & Katapult Brand Ambassador

Strength comes from walking through the flames of setback and failure, and emerging on the other side singed but stronger, wiser, and more complete. Ryon’s passion is helping people overcome life’s challenges by helping them strengthen their mindset.

Jennifer O'Neil

Coach and Brand Ambassador

Jennifer O’Neil has over a decade in coaching and training people. Working in several disaplines of business and most recently a billion dollar publically traded company. Her success mindset and leadership has led individuals to reach their highest potential.

Casandra Konior

Certified Katapult Life Coach and Brand Ambassador

As a person with a severe hearing disability, Casandra understands the daily struggles and complexed emotional confusion on self-worth. As a person who believes in the law of attraction and has witnessed its power, she helps individuals be more mindful in their everyday actions that will result in a more fulfilling and satisfied future.

Cita Rodriguez

Master Certification Coach & Brand Ambassador

Cita Rodríguez is a Bilingual Master Certification Coach devoted to assisting clients in redirecting their vision and focus in life. Cita believes that empowering others with strategies to help them see and understand themselves in a clearer, more positive light is the beginning to living a happier and successful life.

Mr. Then

Elite Katapult Brand Ambassador & Millennial Business & Finance Coach

Respected and multifaceted professional with demonstrated success in Finance and Business. Mr. Then is a results-driven individual who strives to help others succeed. Passionate problem solver, focused on delivering experiences to improve clients’ well-being.

Kassidy K

Image Consultant & Brand Ambassador

Kassidy is a Certified Katapult Life Coach specializing in Image Development and a Katapult Brand Ambassador. Kassidy believes anyone can do anything they put their mind to and that a positive attitude is everything. Kassidy’s mission in life is to inspire, teach, and enlighten others to the life they were meant to live from the inside out.

Hattie RetroAge

Master Anti-Aging Coach

Justin’s specialized knowledge will help guide you to the most direct and comprehensive route to achieving your desired aesthetic result; the benefits of which, can be exponentially larger than those found in any mirror.

Emily Forget

Administrative Assistant

With over ten years experience, Emily is a Social Media and Virtual Assistant Mastermind who joined the winning Katapult team in December of 2016. As valuable member of the team, Emily shows enthusiasm and consistency in any situation. Her resilience is unbeatable which is why she continues to grow with Katapult Enterprises. Emily resides in Canada and also speaks fluent French.

Randy White

Multi-Faceted Prosperity Coach

Mega-Church Pastor who’s been called “The Donald Trump of the Christian Arena”, Randy White is a business expert, thoughtful leader and philanthropist who has contributed multi-millions to charities. Randy now joins Katapult Enterprises to be available for coaching and seminars.

Donnell Rawlings

Quality of Life Coach

You’ve seen him on Chappelle’s Show, Chelsea Lately, MTV’s Hatin, Guy Code & Guy Court, just to name a few. This funny guy also has a serious side and a heart to help others, so it is only natural that Donnell has joined Katapult’s team.

Justin Jedlica

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Consultant

Justin’s specialized knowledge will help guide you to the most direct and comprehensive route to achieving your desired aesthetic result; the benefits of which, can be exponentially larger than those found in any mirror.

Chasity Melvin

Sports, Transition & Confidence Coach

As a WNBA Hall of Famer with over 14 years of experience, Chasity has learned how very important confidence, balance and positive order is to being successful and staying successful in your career, post career and life in general.

Brandon Robinson

Brand Ambassador

From the age of 12 Brandon knew what he wanted to do with his life. You can find his published writing in CBS Sports Radio, CBS Local Sports, COMPLEX, AM New York, EBONY and VIBE.

Doug Durham

Brand Ambassador

Working with Katapult, Doug empowers people to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Personal Development

Business Success

Media and Entertainment

The purpose of Katapult Enterprises is to enlighten and enrich the lives of our clients. Everything remains confidential. We believe success is a collection of right relationships and with over a decade of experience in the business and entertainment world, we have built those strong alliances for you. Let our strong foundation and our real-world connections Katapult™ you and your brand to the next level of the game. The Katapult Enterprises Team is not afraid to get our hands dirty. With real world knowledge and down to earth honesty, we can change your life.

At Katapult Enterprises your dream is our vision. But in this cyber, HD digital world, presentation is everything. So to achieve your dreams, we develop premier presentations that set you and your brand apart from the crowd. With the highest quality resources, we create lasting impressions, katapulting people to the next level of their lives and beyond. Improve your health, wellness, spirituality, business, political success, media image, and much more. Whatever your brand, we’ll provide you all the tools to make sure it is ON POINT and stays that way.

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