Chasity Melvin

Chasity Melvin Chasity Melvin is a former professional basketball player that played across the US and internationally. As a Hall of Famer with over 14 years of experience she has learned how very important confidence, balance and positive order is to being successful and staying successful in your career, post career and life in general.

She draws upon her own personal journey from a small town preacher’s daughter of very humble beginnings to a world known WNBA All Star. The insight she has gained along the way translates easily into the lessons she uses to help other athletes and those in transition, obtaining spiritual balance and building confidence.

Chasity possesses a talent to encourage and motivate others in a positive and entertaining way. Each person that has been in her presence has experienced her enthusiasm for life, her enjoyment of the now, and her belief in not only her future but the future of others. Her life long mission is to help others achieve their dreams. Chasity knows success and loves to see others obtain the same satisfaction of accomplishing their goals.

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