Katapult Lux Retreats

Isn’t it time for you to take some time to get away? Come rub elbows with other top industry leaders. Have a refreshing time to rejuvenate, while getting fresh perspectives from intelligent, enlightened trendsetters. Katapult Enterprises now offers our Life Coach / Consultant Certifications and Leadership Training in small luxury...

Building Trust with High Profile Clients

When attracting and building a level of trust with a high profile client never be intimidated by power, money or influence. If you are bringing value into their lives or businesses in a genuine way on a consistent basis, not only will you have them as clients, you will keep them.

A Modern Day Olivia Pope?

Dr. Zoe’s gained respect for her ability to tell it like it is and preach the gospel to her clients. Speaking of which, there was one brave soul who spoke openly and candidly about her counseling services. “I have found Dr. Zoe to be that person who immediately you feel a comfort with her,” Bishop Randy White told The Source.

Step Up or Step Out

Often times in life, in times of adversity, we are faced with a choice. Our instinct can be to run the other direction, and escape as far away as we can to avoid uncomfortable feelings. However, in order to achieve our goals in life, it is often necessary to go THRU difficult situations in order to get to the other side.

From Hustler to Mogul, Dr. Zoe is Getting It Done

By Omari White | Originally published by The Source The infamous Dr. Zoe overcomes adversity once again… It’s no secret that 2016 has been quite a shocking year. Dr. Zoe, being no stranger to adversity, faced personal storms, business storms and even a literal storm. But just to give you…

Premier Leadership Training Program

Katapult Enterprises own Director of Sales, Andy Eilers, explains why you should find out more about our Premier Leadership Training Program!! Over the past 25 years, Andy has been helping individuals and companies to find purpose, to allow themselves to get to the GOALS & DREAMS that they have, for themselves &…

Positive Affirmations

Remember… The most important work you can do every day is controlling your own mood. Focus on the now and feel as good as you can! …I matter to myself and to others. I am a significant person with incredible potential and abilities. …I am loving the realizations that are…

Alphabet Game

To play the “Alphabet Game” start with the letter A and find a word which makes you feel good…Appreciation. Then the letter B…beautiful, c…cool and so on. Observe the words and make sure they feel good to you. Abundance may not feel good if you are worried about money. With…

Find Your Purpose

One of the most beautiful things is when you find your very own purpose. Something which makes you complete. To express yourself 100% authentically, you are expressing your uniqueness to the world. Something which satisfies your mind, heart, body and spirit. This is the real you and no one else…


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