Building Trust with High Profile Clients

Building Trust with High Profile Clients

After experiencing over a decade of being “The Confidential Coach” to leaders in business, politics, religion, entertainment and sports, I’m grateful to have learned a lot along the way in regards to building trust. Not only do I keep some of the world’s most successful leaders secrets, but I also facilitate such a level of trust that I assist them in navigating choices in their careers, corporations, investments and yes even their sex lives.

Trust is the most valuable commodity on earth. Any form of success, whether it’s in love, finances, physical or spiritual well-being, is not possible without it.

First and foremost in order to gain trust you must trust yourself. Yes, it’s an added bonus to have a recognizable brand, be able to make decisive decisions and be led by your intuition. But more importantly knowing WHO you are as an individual, a company and team is at the forefront of priorities.

A major mistake that many who are trying to attract high profile clients make, is the action of portraying something that they are not. Powerful leaders with influence can smell someone disingenuous from miles away. Even if a presentation or an experience brings high profile clients, it is very unlikely that they will remain a client, customer, consumer or contributor with any association they feel does not have integrity. Everything in business is about the balance between attraction and action. When you’re confident in who you are and what you represent people will be drawn to you, your actions thereafter will determine the level of success you obtain in the business relationship.

Keep in mind that high profile clients rarely have anyone they can be TRULY transparent with due to their leadership positions. Sure, they may have a faith connection but nothing can take the place of a human connection they trust. It doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury item or service you are offering, if you build a level of trust you will have a continued buyer. Even when, and if, the business relationship or transaction has come to an end, never share anything that was said or transpired in confidence. In today’s marketplace your loyalty and reputation with your clients will determine your value. And after all, good old fashion word-of-mouth is still the best advertisement!

When attracting and building a level of trust with a high profile client never be intimidated by power, money or influence. At the end of the day every visionary, every entrepreneur, every CEO and every UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual) puts on their pants the same way as you! If you are bringing value into their lives or businesses in a genuine way on a consistent basis, not only will you have them as clients, you will keep them.



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