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Get to know the woman behind the movement. Dr. ZoeLena Shuster is a multi-faceted, passionate and driven individual, with an eye for true talent and tomorrow’s trends. Visit her blog for real, raw, and relevant information YOU care about.

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“The opportunity to reinvent yourself presents itself daily” – Dr. ZoeLena

Dr. Zoe is a philanthropist, a successful entrepreneur, and an edgy powerhouse that breathes motivation into the lives of her prestigious clients. As a consultant, ZoeLena has facilitated positive change to countless careers, companies and corporations. She is a multi-talented trendsetter, a mogul, and a creative idea machine who since 1998 has been helping business, sports, entertainment, and religious leaders around the world with her expertise, improving their image, presence, and lifestyle.

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  • Entrepreneur – Building many brands & businesses
  • Business Consulting – Fortune 500 Companies, Business Moguls & World Politicians
  • “The Confidential Coach” – Business, Entertainment, Sports, Political & Religious Leaders
  • Agent – Entertainment Industry, worked with multi-platinum artists, film makers & other icons
  • Non-Profit Organizations – Start-ups, management & fundraising concepts
  • Career Management – Best-selling authors, speakers & personal development gurus
  • Sports – Career advising, endorsements & sponsorship
  • Wealth Management – Financial & Investment Advising
  • Radio & Media Personality – Multi-media outlets

Dr. Zoe Today provides real, raw & relevant info on love, sex & relationships. Listen to the show, ask Dr. Zoe questions you would like answered on the air, interact with the “Fan Wall” & much more ALL from the “Dr. Zoe Today” APP!

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Should you think twice before sexting? Find out at Dr. Zoe’s Personal Blog, where she dives into the nitty gritty of sex, global business, love, relationships, and spirituality.


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Zoe's tactics are hardly mainstream when it comes to consulting, PR or management. Her mouth often has no filter but it's just what I needed to make it

- Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & 8x Grammy Award Winner

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