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Jim DiDonato is a certified life coach and brand ambassador for Katapult Enterprises. Throughout his life, Jim has always reached the pinnacle. From assistant to CEO, intern to Vice President, mentor to Board Member – he has always succeeded in reaching the destination. Jim has been a top executive across many sectors: 3 years in business, 10 years in public administration, and 2 years in nonprofit organizations. He is a master teacher of psychology, education, and leadership, and has many testimonies highlighting his success as a life coach, career coach, marriage coach, and youth coach. He has been highly effective coaching, developing, and leading growth minded individuals and organizations.

For individuals, he optimizes each client’s potential and inspires the heart, mind, and spirit for a balanced life. For organizations, he builds systems that improve performance, culture, equity, and inclusion. Overall, he develops people, programs, and partnerships for sustainable change. Jim jumps out of planes, heli skis, scales up mountain sides, and travels the world. He uses his love of adventure and his pioneer spirit to cultivate new tracks and identify new opportunities. Jim has studied martial arts, religion, education, the brain/body relationship, ethnography, psychology, leadership, coaching, science, and personal training. His background as a teacher, professional coach, business owner, and organizational leader has equipped him to make a positive change across many sectors and within many departments. He leads people to lead themselves. Jim loves everything about life and enjoys coaching others to live life to its fullest.

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