Shelly Cannon

Shelly Cannon

Shelly Cannon draws upon her unique blend of experiences and talents to guide Katapult clients in her role as Master Certification Coach. She is a national-level athletic competitor in multiple sports, holds a world record in powerlifting, is a Partner and COO of a successful private wealth management firm, owns and operates multiple businesses, is a cancer survivor, fitness model and actress, and has a backstory fit for the movie screen. Shelly’s list of exceptional qualifications give her unique insight into many facets of adversity and success.

Shelly’s ideal clients have high standards and are committed to becoming the best version of themselves in every facet of their lives. They have already experienced success and need a confidant they can trust to help guide them through a transition, finding balance, or leveling up in other areas. They are generally intelligent, open-minded, have a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit. Shelly loves working with people who are passionate about optimizing their mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

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