CONFIDENTIAL: Just Like an Attorney-Client Privilege

Katapult Enterprises represents one of the hottest companies in the world of branding, marketing, PR and personal development. For over a decade Katapult Enterprises has coached business, entertainment, sports, political and religious leaders worldwide and continues to create sound waves globally. Our ultimate goal is to offer premier services for the high-profile lifestyle, creating success via our branding concepts, confidential life coaching, as well as media image consulting necessary to professionally deal with the limelight.

Successful icons always have an entourage to help them behind the scenes. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company established 100 years ago or a start-up… Whether you’re a well-known celebrity or a fresh face on the scene… You can consider Katapult your personal full-service entourage. Katapult is built on the premise that success is a collection of right relationships and will transform your brand, career, business or organization.

Our President & Founder Dr. Zoe’s clients range from national to international industry leaders, moguls and icons. Each one seeks something different but have one commonality: they are needing a trustworthy confidant or consultant in some area of their lives. Whether you are looking to keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive, get through a trying time in a personal relationship, take your company to the next level, redefine your vision, find balance in life, manage wealth, restore your image or professionally handle media affairs, contact us today  and get “The Confidential Coach” in YOUR corner!


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