James Jackson

James Jackson

James Jackson is a native of Baltimore MD. He has a Masters degree from Central Michigan University and a BS degree Frostburg State University.

Life being a cycle of discomfort, as a Certified International Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, his focus is in the area of Grief/Loss (not primarily physical death) Mindset, and Life’s Transitions. James says, “I don’t see problems, I see solutions to puzzle piece.”

Inspire those in Grief/Loss to live from Pain to Peace in believing beyond their circumstances that they can evoke the confidence in discovering solutions to the change they’re wanting to achieve in their personal and professional life!

He demonstrates clarity in understanding communicated expectations.

Being in Stephen Ministry for many years affords him the opportunity as a care giver to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing life’s difficulties such as grief, divorce, job loss, terminal illness, same sex lifestyle. James has a passion for bringing empathy, love and care to people during a time of need.

James also enjoys health and fitness which are a part of his lifestyle. He’s a certified spinning instructor and an endurance cyclist.

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