Katapult Enterprises Gets a Fresh New Look

Sometimes you just need to reinvent yourself, and that’s exactly what Katapult Enterprises has done. Katapult Enterprises has a fresh new look. Clean, crisp, and clear our re-designed website is now sleeker and easier to navigate than ever before. Dive into our stunning website design and see for yourself the level of expertise you can expect from Katapult Enterprises’ VIP services.

Discover the VIP branding packages offered by Katapult Enterprises here.

Katapult Enterprises represents one of the hottest on the rise companies in the world of branding, marketing, PR and personal development. With over fourteen years of facilitating an individual definition of success for world icons, we are ready to Katapult™ your life and your business to new levels of success. Select from our menu of core services including:

Confidential Coaching: This 1 on 1 consultation will help you weave through every avenue in your life.

Life Coach Certification: Make a difference in the lives of others while facilitating your own personal growth.

Image Consulting: Elevate your career by learning how to present your best self and reach your furthest potential.

Website Development: Katapult Enterprises will customize a fresh website for you that reflects your brand’s image to a tee.

Social Media and Marketing: Establish a presence, gain a strong following, and get your brand noticed.

VIP Branding: Elevate your career by creating a successful brand with your personality in mind.

Search Engine Optimization: Stay ahead of the competition by improving your search engine ranking and gaining site traffic.

Media and PR: Get noticed the right way through professional and credible media and PR campaigns.

Sales Funnels: Learn how to generate leads, attract prospects, and gain loyal clients.

Webinar Marketing: Attract new business, create a superior customer experience, and boost your income with strategic webinar marketing

Check out all the details on Katapult Enterprises’ unique menu of services here.

As Katapult founder, Dr. ZoeLena would say, “The opportunity to reinvent oneself presents itself daily.”

Katapult Enterprises has facilitated positive change to countless careers and companies through personalized consultation, planning, and creation. Your dreams are our vision.

Get Katapulted™

If you feel your life or business is in need of reinventing get Katapulted™ today.


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