The Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef’s Four Entrepreneurial Lessons

4 Entrepreneurial Lessons From the Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef

Written by Allison Valderia of Huffington Post

As I read the Twitter feed responses to the Drake versus Meek Mill beef, all I could do was laugh out loud. With social media and rap’s industry influence, major brands are taking note and weighing in. Featuring a picture of their chicken sandwich – White Castle posted:

Rosetta Stone – a leading company of language learning courses posted:

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that got a kick out of the memes and tweets. At his OVO Fest last night, Drake included the Whataburger tweet as part of his presentation:

f nothing else, it’s a clear indication of how hip-hop’s cultural influence, is not only global – but corporate – even when record sales are NOT the bottom line. Now the point of this post – there are some good lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from this influential exchange. TALENT + TIMING = TRIUMPH – Yes, you can look the part and act the part, but your product or service matters. It’s not about the appearance or presentation alone. Meek started with a post, and his street cred outweighs Drake’s. However, Drake put out a great finished product in his two diss records. The first one had people blank staring. The second had us eulogizing Meek Mill the rapper. Say what you will about Drake – he won. No questions asked. As an entrepreneur, like Drake’s verses your product or service must be solid, and focused on the task at hand. You must deliver it directly to your target audience clearly, confidently and make sure that it’s consistent with your message. Also, a sloppy product could have irreparable damage to your reputation and business. Pushing out a weak product or service without the proper systems in place will cause you to lose money. Like fans or listeners, potential clients are fickle and will always choose the best quality product. DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL – This seems to have started all because Meek was upset about Drake not helping him promote his album. Many entrepreneurs expect their network of family and friends to support their dreams when they feel that they have the “next big” product or service. Even if you do, if you expect a friend or family member to support your business because of your relationship or obligation, then you are most certainly setting yourself up for disappointment. Unless they are your business partner, you cannot expect anything from anyone. Instead of taking it personal, make things personal – with the right people. Network and connect with people that actually can benefit from what you have to offer. Start local, create a solid online presence and make one-on-one connections with other like-minded people. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT – Impulsive actions leave a lasting impression, and may have unthinkable impact on your bottom line. I’m sure Meek did not care AT ALL about the global effect his post would have. Corporate brands have chimed in, and all this while he is on tour with Nicki Minaj ( his girlfriend and Drake’s BFF – which creates a whole other level of potential issues). It shifts the focus from WHAT REALLY MATTERS: NUMBERS. The tour is doing well. Meek’s album was at the top of the charts. So whether or not Drake has a ghostwriter or promotes Meek’s album – Moot. Irrelevant. Miscellaneous. Whatever. As an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you focus on what really matters and make proper decisions that benefit your brand. Corporations spend quite a bit of money monitoring what’s posted about them and looking into reputable brand partnerships. Be careful. One bad tweet could have a potential partner or client reluctant to work with you. YOUR RESOURCES AND REPUTATION MATTER – At the end of it all – has there been a resolution? Although it’s clear that it doesn’t matter – has anyone proven the ghostwriting? Would it have mattered if someone else with clear evidence and credibility “outed” Drake in the same way? Maybe. Honestly – I don’t know, but what I do know – Meek did the same thing with Wale. He fired off a series of tweets aimed at Wale – his own label mate because he didn’t help promote his album. Wale chose not to respond. At the end of the day – Drake’s response has any potential challengers thinking three times. His songs are in heavier rotation, and he still did not help Meek out. If anything – it’s embarrassing and this torture shows NO signs of letting up. Last night’s OVO Fest made it clear. Drake is focused on the target at hand. Drake has more resources to further his mission. People are talking about the music, because at the end of the day – one rapper, beat another rapper with rap. To add flame to the fire – it’s rumored that two other top rappers – Kanye West and Will Smith were joking with Drake about this win.

Entrepreneurs take note – don’t get caught up in gossip or trends, because your real competition won’t. Also, when you compete with others – be clear on your network and available resources. You must be able to deliver and keep delivering quality consistently. Your actions, product and services will impact your business.

At some point, I’m sure that this is going to blow over. In this climate of Black Lives Matter and the upcoming presidential election, it’s clear that this Drake and Meek Mill beef is a pleasant distraction. I’m waiting just like everyone else to see if there is actually another diss track coming from either one of them.

However, entrepreneurs must be clear in their presentation and etiquette. It’s more than fun, games and cute little social media posts. You’ve developed a brand and invested in your own product or service. Don’t threaten its success. Be careful of your movements online and in-person.


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