Jamie Ohlsen

From a young age, Jamie Ohlsen has remained passionate about guiding others through the process of self growth and self realization. She knew at a very young age that she had the ability to see past ones dysfunction. She could see greatness within people even before they saw it within themselves. #GetKatapulted with Jamie One of her favorite quotes that she connects to most is,...

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Lee Ann Monty

Lee Ann Monty has always had an entrepreneurial mindset and a heartfelt love for people. From a very young age she determined to blaze her own trail. Raised in a strict home in small town America, Lee Ann couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world. In doing so she has lived through many hardships, overcome difficult trials and survived significant loss. Her sheer...

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Electra Frederick

For more than 25 years Electra has mastered a wide array of creativity and designing self. From celebrity praised graphic artistry to the performing arts, singing live concerts internationally, she owns her craft. Electra now takes her talents to Katapult to bring forth individuality through creative self-expression. #GetKatapulted with Electra

Sherry Saylam

Sherry Anne brings her warm, approachable and inviting personality to Katapult Enterprises to assist clients in finding the true identity to present to the World through imagery and social media commerce and attract premium customers. #GetKatapulted with Sherry Sherry Anne draws on her many years of consulting experience working with top globally known Companies to the table when strategizing with her clients to build the best...

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Doug Durham

Doug started out working with musicians and artists as a recording engineer at an early age. Being an entrepreneur in the the early 90’s, he started his own company producing, marketing and distributing Laser video Discs. He has spent the past 20 years working in the field of Information Technology in computer support, telecommunications and cyber security for a top financial firm. #GetKatapulted with Doug...

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CONFIDENTIAL: Just Like an Attorney-Client Privilege

Katapult Enterprises represents one of the hottest companies in the world of branding, marketing, PR and personal development. For over a decade Katapult Enterprises has coached business, entertainment, sports, political and religious leaders worldwide and continues to create sound waves globally. Our ultimate goal is to offer premier services for the high-profile lifestyle, creating success via our branding concepts, confidential life coaching, as well as...

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Morris Kunz

For over 20 years Morris has traveled the country studying, experiencing and teaching spirituality and self development. He has trained and mentored with some of the world’s top level coaches, trainers and speakers. Morris has a passion for the dynamics of relationships and has coached many couples and individuals to more successful relationships. With 22 years of experience in Real Estate Finance, having generated over...

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Wayne Sutton

Pastor, Author, and Success Coach who’s been called “The Upcoming Leader in Personal Transformation” said those six words, “What Is Truly Important To You?” changed his life – and has used those six words as a catalyst for changing the lives of people all over the world.He now joins Katapult Enterprises as a Brand Ambassador. “The key to true fulfillment in life”, states Wayne, “is...

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Brandon Robinson

At the age of 12 years old, Brandon Robinson knew what he wanted to do with his life. Considered by many to be a child prodigy, he began his journalism career co-hosting Nets Slammin’ Planet, a kids radio show with retired NBA player Albert King. It was featured on NBA Inside Stuff, Fox Sports and more. #GetKatapulted with Brandon Years later, the grind hasn’t stopped...

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Georgia Harrison

Georgia is a highly motivated ‘go-getter’ with an enormous talent in Business. After spending over 18 years in the Financial Services, Compliance, Operations and Supply Chain Management fields, Georgia transitioned to being an Entrepreneur using her talents as a results orientated professional with a proven capacity to overcome obstacles to grow her Online Boutique and recently launched Holding Company. She is a Member of the...

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